Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vans on my wall! \m/

I slept around 5am today. It's raining still. My tummy hurt so much. Done with something I was working on. I woke up mid-afternoon with Tessa, typically reading her book. My head's spinning like vinyl playing on my dad's turntable. My phone's battery was empty. Dunno who called me up or msgd me.

My Cornball did message me. He was out from class na and headed home to pack his stuff for the holiday.

Anyways...everyone's calling me Cornball now with all my FB posts... lol. Yeah. So uhmm...a part of our room that makes us sleep well.

When these things surround you while sleeping, you don't want to get up. Feels like home always. The only place I want to stay atm.

And in a while, my sis-in-law called me up. My brother's coming home tomorrow at around 3pm. Weeeeee! And he's got a surprise for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaa! Can't wait for tom!

Gotta do something now and gonna have shower afterward. xOxO. Laterrrr.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The moon has changed from red to black
Moment I thought he'd be back
But when I saw the empty stairs
I knew then, no kiss, no cares

Love was real when I thought it was
Lonely nights he never knew
I couldn't chase him, it's a must
Because it was real and damn true

Like a glass, it breaks when it has to
Like a rose, it dies when it has to
Like a poison, it smoothly kills your heart.
Like my love, he's tearing me apart.

One should know, a lady or a lord
Two must nurture it without a sword
If not for two, love breaks in half
Hurts like wound, pain aint enough.

I am not pathetic nor dumb
I knew what has bout to come
In my life then it was all my happiness
Now, my life, circle of emptiness

Love is hard when it aint blue
Love is beauty when it is true
Love, like a flower, smells so sweet
Love, please, make my heart beat

I am alone, everyone can see
They thought I'm in love, but it can't really be
Hearts must be two to feel it
Strong feelings, more than a bit.

If someone could tell me, pls spill it out
Say it now, Mister, say it loud
Hear saying it, inject me morphine
I couldn't take it, it's really killing.

Trust on love when it is still there
In some it cuts, some it's forever
But believe in it no matter what
There's always hope when you got

Her heart was sliced with his steel knife
Yet she will love him for the rest of her life
No one can tell if it goes through
Her promise for him, though he never knew.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Off to SiargaO!

I love to travel but I'm always broke. Hehe. Last stop? We went to Siargao Island. One of the surfing spots here in the PI. Last time we were there was in the year 2005. Fast forward 2009...lots of things have changed - except for the people. Lol.

Tessa...Tweng. lol.

4 days, 4 nights .. (Last week of October '09)
silentstreets.dogs.hitchride.bikinis.tanlines.waaaaaaaa!so much to say but i always ran out of words if too stoked or something.


Heavvvyyy libak... lol
Post-paddle sesSion with my Tzobz.. =)
@ HiPpie's Surf Shop!

The place was sooo cool. I even forgot my problems instantly. But I really missed my Cornball foreal. Too bad, couldn't get a signal with my network there. Everyday life's a beach. Memories have been playing on my head. The sound of the waves. The every night tagays and parties! Waaaaa! Wish all of you were there with us! Prolly sooooon! mwaah! ;)