Sunday, October 16, 2011

in wee hours

I am in a state right now where my sleeping pattern is significantly disturbed. The culprit - he is coming back here in the PI. My bladder woke me up at around 3:57 am and still thinking of him. Sounds a bit crazy cuz we were just talking like nearly 2 hours ago. This is our photo when he left a couple of months ago.

But I need to go back to bed now. 
Make the present a wonderful one to look back the good memories you have done.
Morning to the Southeastern part! 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gray Street

Leaves may have withered in his heart,
Chuntering reasons for them to torn apart,
Hard to feel how much it lures or costs,
Just a lovely prat, with him she's lost.

Needs some love, not fugitive nor shallow,
In hers, there's scarcity, she do not show,
Everything around him, he can vividly see,
Whilst in her tears she says, "Mister, show it to me.

If she's a thing with less or no value,
Pity on her, even a lil, has no clue,
But love struck her without a glance,
Lord, she knocked on you, guide him the chance.

Useless it is for a girl to pursue,
A man in no danger but heart is blue,
Stone and bitter he shows to portray,
In wilderness she may go but won't betray.

Love is so strange in countless ways,
Like fighting a soul, can't find a trace,
As rays still collide with the sunny sky,
Never a choice for her to utter her goodbye.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seminars Ain't Bad After All

What I love about this room is the color of the background wall?
But with this picture, it really says how we enjoyed the night together! My Aunt is quite scared about being alone here, ending up that I need to accompany her every night sleeping in this room. Almost done tho! Weeeeeeeeee! Happy evening to all! 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Art from the Bin

Would you guess where I took this photo? Seriously, you couldn't imagine that this one was an old empty can of paint and was used as a trash can. This was the inside wall of the 1 gallon can. I was so bored waiting for my sister-in-law and figured out to take some pictures. Surprisingly, this caught my attention not because I was throwing something in it, but it just literally pulled me to snap one! Amazingly, it turned out pretty good and unique. I have used this as an inspiration for my accessories. This would be my photo of the day, taken last month, tho. ;) Love youuuuuuuu!



Typhoon Ramon - thanks, you went to another way. Sucks to stay at home because of heavy rain and all that. Well, taken in my humble abode, this photo reflects my fuzzy singularity. As well, I'm hooked with blurry pictures recently. A day never gets boring when you wanna do something! Have a lovely rainy everyone! 


Monday, April 4, 2011

Passion Fish (Mother-Daughter-Date)

ONE thing I love today:

I spent half of the day with my Mama. Apart from being in muscle pain from the wall climbing the other night, I am starving too. Mama and I went around the mall and had some few stops on any shops that she liked. And ended up eating at Bigby's! Passion Fish is really the best! I'm eating for two actually.LOL

Everything just felt so good going out with my Mama.
And soon, we  have a project to do! A crocheted blanket which I'm so excited to do.
*But yeah...need to focus now on searching for jobs. Staying positive feels so good.
Crashing now! Bunk bed here I come! 

xx, Rotten Nuke