Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gray Street

Leaves may have withered in his heart,
Chuntering reasons for them to torn apart,
Hard to feel how much it lures or costs,
Just a lovely prat, with him she's lost.

Needs some love, not fugitive nor shallow,
In hers, there's scarcity, she do not show,
Everything around him, he can vividly see,
Whilst in her tears she says, "Mister, show it to me.

If she's a thing with less or no value,
Pity on her, even a lil, has no clue,
But love struck her without a glance,
Lord, she knocked on you, guide him the chance.

Useless it is for a girl to pursue,
A man in no danger but heart is blue,
Stone and bitter he shows to portray,
In wilderness she may go but won't betray.

Love is so strange in countless ways,
Like fighting a soul, can't find a trace,
As rays still collide with the sunny sky,
Never a choice for her to utter her goodbye.


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