Thursday, March 29, 2012

Newstands: ELLE Covergirls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (April 2012)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Oslen have been my style icons since the time has begun for me to idolize someone when it comes to fashion and choice of style. I couldn't be more happier to learn from Elle (online) that the April 2012 Issue would cover the twin sisters.

Have you seen the latest issue of ELLE? Chances are good that you’ve backpedalled for a double-take at a newsstand today, and why not? We have two covers, each featuring one of the world’s most recognisable twins: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
Inside, you’ll find pages of photographs of the sisters wearing some of this season’s most sumptuous looks alongside an exclusive interview. Discover out how the sisters turned their backs on Hollywood and reinvented themselves as designers to watch—and why they say, ‘You have to be a little crazy to do what we do.’
Plus, take a look backstage for an insider’s view of what happened at the ELLE Style Awards, meet rising star Emeli Sande, and discover how fashion shifted from sexpot to Sandra Dee in two short seasons. 
And finally, we bring you a moment with Jon Hamm, just ahead of the debut of Mad Men season five: ‘I just don’t even consider myself handsome,’ he tells our interviewer. ‘I look at the people in the world that I consider truly handsome, like Clooney, Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Cooper—those guys. When I look in the mirror I see my goofy-ass self from when I was a kid.’

(Now, it reminds me of my "twin sister" Tzobzkie.)

Source: Elle UK


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

INSPIRATION: Summer Dresses

March is ending soon and everyone’s excited for summer in the tropics. There are lots of awesome things to do for the best time of the year. For the beautiful lasses, it’s the perfect season to shop for dresses for any beach trips, planned short-time vacations (for working women) or just plainly strolling around towns and cities with our loved ones.

With the ever loving internet, I have fished around some pretty dresses as my inspiration for the upcoming sunny months! :)

Tropical Long Dress at Tuttie Style
Tropical Punch Dress - StyleHive (ModCloth)

Blousant Dress at Polyvore

(ooops! I lost the link!)
Beach Blanket Dress - Roxy

Watercolor Tribal Print Dress - Forever21
Moroccan Sun Dress - ModCloth

I know for a fact that there are tons of other summer dresses that are yet to be found. These ones are my top picks and hopefully I can score some. They are so lovely and would surely look so amazing on anyone of us. Enjoy your day! Loves! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

10 Pictures I Love in our Asian Trip

 1. A pic of Mr. James Holley on his millionth wave in Nias Island (Pulau Nias, Sumatra, Indonesia). I felt so happy taking a lot of photos of him catching waves from the moment he paddled into the water at around 6 o’clock in the morning.
 2. This is how it looks like in front of our losmen (indo for accommodation) in Sorake Beach, Nias, in low tide. It may look like you can easily step onto the shallow water but it’s a puddle of mud. Though, the view is very scenic when you turn around. :)
 3. Cintamani Travellers Lodge window facing the neatly stood buildings in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We were on the third floor of the mini-hotel which has a great view on students of SeGi College walking along the street during daytime.
 4. Jalan Tun H.S. Lee on a humid afternoon in Kuala Lumpur where an art-restaurant stood on the right-hand side that serves different types of teas and where you can also relax with the avant-garde interiors.
 5. The ever Nyonya Fried Rice with chicken and the refreshing watermelon juice in Old China Kafe. The very old-school restaurant can be found just behind the Hindu Temple near the Chinatown in KL. One must taste their delish menu and feel the vibe of the vintage atmosphere - think of Gen. Chang Kai Shek (forgot the spelling) photo framed and hung on the wall. Another floor above is the tea house that sells sorts of teas.
 6. The streetview across Jalan Petaking entrance. I love the blue-green paint of the building which also shows how KL’s influence was that of the British with its architectural design.
 7. The only reason why I love this photo is because of seeing the word Filipina along with our dearest National Flag.
 8. This photo was taken in an Indian (Hindu) store along the road Jalan Tun Perak, left side when you cross from Arenaa Mountbatten Hotel. I haven’t been in church lately and upon seeing this, I felt so good and safe.
 9. I actually posed for this one since I love sun and the beach together on that very day in Lhok Nga. It has been raining quite a few times and sun basking to get glowing tan was a bit hard to do due to the weather condition. The shades of green and blue were so perfect that I became so obsessed taking photos of myself.
10. After 48 years, I did this gymnastic move on the Indo shores. I realized I’m really getting older because I did feel my muscles stretched.

In the world of digital cameras, pictures are easy to take. But among thousands of them, only a few of them would really stand out. Happy Sunday to all!

Sumatra in 2 Shades

In my every day life, there are a couple of pictures I take. I love taking shots of anything and a lot more too of myself which makes my lovepartner bothered though he likes it more if I snap some photos of our beautiful surroundings wherever we go.

This photo was taken in what we called as “Our Beach” located more than 2 km. south of Lhok Nga, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. This exact location had dealt with the tragic tsunami that hit most of the shores in Northern Sumatra, Indo and the neighboring coastlines. The 2004 Boxing Day ebb and flow also took thousands of lives which has been a traumatic experience to the people living those towns in Aceh.

As clear as a glass, the long-stretched coastline could never be thought what it saw during that day. Its serenity still engulfs me now as I lay down here in our hotel bed and makes me miss the solidarity that comes with it. An old place where new trees grow, animals stroll and reunited families bond to pass through the hard times they didn’t expect to come years ago, is worth to pay a visit. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

First Stamp

I love to travel. Yet, it’s my first time to be out of my native land with my lovepartner, Craseyfish. Among all the countries around the world, the Singaporean Immigration stamped my passport first and foremost (apart from my departure, though). This picture is one of the rest that I took while we’re on a bus to our second stop - Malaysia.