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Summer must be the nicest time of the year. Anywhere in the world, people prepare themselves when this sunny season comes. It can be defined as sipping cold fresh juices while lying down on the big hammock, looking up to the azure skies and breathing the calm salty air. Apart from thinking of the beaches and the hyped-combined-with-lazy mode that it brings you, there are other cool things to do during summer. Get it started... ;)

1. LEARN HOW TO SURF - The Philippines is composed of 7, 107 islands and more to that, the archipelago is surrounded by big waters, South China Sea in the West and the Pacific Ocean in the East if you think of perfect waves to paddle onto. For beginners like me, it's good to go to Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte, in the southern part of the country or in La Union up in the North of Luzon. As I've lived for months in the wonderful island of Siargao, the famous spot for the learners is in the Jackinghorse.

 How to get there from Cebu:

BY FLIGHT = Cebu Pacific has a direct flight to Siargao (Del Carmen) and Surigao. I think there are only 3 flights per week and only in the morning so better check it ahead of time if you have an impromptu trip. NOTE: Sometimes, there are no flights because the weather in the island of Siargao tends to be moody at times. Either get a flight to Surigao City, don't be lazying up and get a ride to the Pier (Port) for the last boat to Dapa, Siargao Island - 11:30 am for Fortune Angel (Range: P150-P250+P10 Terminal Fee) or the 12:00 noon boat with Montenegro Shipping Lines (Range: P170-P220+P10 T.Fee). You'll arrive in the island at around 3pm-4pm. ;)

BY BOAT = The ONLY ferry that takes you to Surigao is COKALIONG SHIPPING LINES. It costs for the Economy - P750-P800; and for the Cabin or Tourist accommodation, it's higher. It leaves the Cebu Port at 7:00 PM and arrives in Surigao City Port at around 5-6 AM. From there, you can only get the Fortune Angel and Montenegro S. Lines at 11:30am and 12noon, respectively.

When you arrive in DAPA (the main town of Siargao), get a motorcycle and don't be fooled by the pricey fare offer. It's usually P50 each to General Luna (the main Barangay where the famous surfing spots are located) with two others on the same motorcycle. But if you're headed to Cloud 9 (Brgy. Catangnan Area), you have to pay another P25 each. If you're a cheap traveler, then you should be wary of the basic habal2x fare.


2. LEARN HOW TO BAKE A CHOCO CHIP COOKIE - The procedure sounds easy but it needs practice. As long as you're not stressed out and just think of it as a fun thing to learn, it's all good.

2.1. Prepare the ingredients.
1/2 cup of butter
1 egg (beaten)
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
1 1/8 cup flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
11/4 cups choco chips

2.2. Put all the ingredients in order: Butter, white and brown sugar, egg, vanilla, flour, baking soda, salt - MIX and after 3-5 minutes of mixing them all, add the choco chips.

2.3. Put the oven in 350F for 7-10 minutes. Put circular shapes on the pan. Check from time to time.

2.4. If it's done, remove the pan and let it cool.

2.5. It's your first baked choco chip cookies, feel the heavenly taste of your own creation. ;)

3. RENDER A COMMUNITY SERVICE - Helping out others in any means will be appreciated much. If you are newbie to do this and all alone, grab one or two of your friends to organize one. Here are some community services that you can do:
- Give clothes to street kids (check your areas where street kids are rampant)
- Do a Mass Feeding (DSWD, Asilo Church - Orphanage, or in the Fuente Circle)
- Visit the Home for the Aged (Gasa sa Gugma)
- Do a Fund Raising Activity like selling scraps e.g., newspapers, bottles, and some scrap metals to junk shops and use the money for any service-oriented activities stated above.

* GIVING CLOTHES - Spread the news from your friends, cousins, siblings' friends, friends of friends, Aunts, Uncles or anyone you know. There's no chance that they don't have any old clothes that they don't use anymore, tell them you goal for the summer and they will for sure, give you their used stuff to wear. When done gathering the bundles, together with your friends, go to a spot where you can be visibly seen by the street kids and DON'T FORGET BTW to have a look around for your safety and tag along some guys with you and make sure you do it in pact.

* MASS FEEDING - A lot of hungry kids roam around Cebu City. Find the best spot you like to do the feeding and plan it with your friends or siblings make it into action. You can do a lugaw or arroz caldo feeding or if you're very well-blessed with cash and all sorts, any food and drinks will do. As long as they are not toxic. Hehe.

* HOME FOR THE AGED VISIT - This one, you have to inquire the office first with regard to do a service-related activity because the geriatric group of people has a time-frame on when to eat, take their meds, get some rest and other things that we have to understand. But, they will love to be visited and talked to for sure. :)

If you have anything in mind, you can freely do it in your own, I only cite some nice examples to conduct a summer service in our own place.

4. WORK ON YOUR TAN! - I know, I know, I know, everybody loves to be Snowy White. Everyone's panicking in getting out and touched by the rays of the sun. I must admit that in some ways, it has harmful effects on our lovely skin. But IT'S SUMMERRRRR in the Philippines now! We should be thankful that we are blessed with the very nice sun, breezy air and bright blue skies during best season of the year. Get your TANNING LOTIONS, head out to the nearest beach (if you have more luxurious time, go somewhere farther your place..choose the perfect beach for ya...) and dab on the lotion of your choice with SPF 4 (to reach that glowing golden tan). Remember to stay out of the sun from 11 am to 3 pm.

Nivea Sun Oil Spray - this one works best for me :)

Banana Boat Sunless Summer Color Self Tanning Lotion, Deep Dark 6 fl oz (177 ml), $6.69 at Drugstore

Check out for more products of Hawaiian Tropic and let us know which ones you like.
One of the biggest brands in tanning lotions, Coppertone really amazes you on how it gives your skin that tawny-hue with a touch of glow and silkiness all day long. ;)

5. GO ARTISTIC! - Let that creative side of you take you to another world this summer... Get all your colorful pens, brushes, paints, oils and all and do what you feel and make that something you inspire most. We are born to be unique and nobody is judged on what he or she does when it comes to art. So start it now! :) 

Sunset Melt by Janis Stevens

These 5 summer ideas are just created by me from my inspiration in everyday life. Summer is NEVER boring at all and if you have some interesting to share on what to do in summer, feel free to drop by your comments. ;) 

Have a lovely day! :)

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