Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Series IV: The Reunion in Bohol, Philippines

Last week was a blast. Together with my 2 friends, Tessa and Murky, we hopped on a boat and crossed the sea bound to the neighboring island of Bohol. Two weekends in a row, I stepped both my feet onto this wonderful island surrounded by pristine waters.

This time, I came along with my Mama and the rest of our relatives for a family reunion and mainly because one of my aunts abroad came home from a few years that she was here. The very highlight that I would say is the so-called mansion that my aunt built. It's coated with the combination of pale yellow and white paint all over the exterior part of the house. The entrance is well-guarded with ancient Greek-inspired pillars that stood near the enormous door and sides.

This photo however shows the back side of the mansion. One of the key features too is the big rectangular pool that sits behind the gigantic house. You can see in the picture how we enjoyed dipping in the water with my cousins, nephews and nieces. ;)

Our trip was so great apart from being in review class, I had to go back here in Cebu too soon leaving them behind whilst enjoying the sunny May in Bohol. ;)

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