Friday, June 15, 2012

Gifts: Precious Old Canon 350D (+Lenses)

Last May, I received a package from my boyfriend with the April Issue of SurfGirl Magazine and it really surprised me well. A week ago, I also got another box of presents. It's not a surprise anymore though because I needed to track it down with the Philippine Post Office as it turned out to arrive later than the day we expected it to get here. I am supposed to post this last week but it ended up just now.

My boyfriend knew how I love photography even though I am not aiming to be a professional photographer. I own a Sony Cybershot Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera and I'm happy having it with me to use as it is very handy. I didn't expect that my partner would get me one of  the first few Canon DSLR Cameras. I know for sure it's good to practice with the 350D and I love the fact too that he also got me another set of two lenses: Tamron and 35-55mm. I am so thankful to receive such gifts from him. It's also my chance to practice my skills in taking photos especially that I need to use long-range shots someday when he's surfing. :)

And yeah! I also got two editions of NYLON MAGAZINES with Rachel Bilson and Dianna Agron of Glee. I honestly would say that every girl should own one Nylon Magazine in their life or even more. I love it because it's not too mainstream and it feeds you with the right amount of uniqueness when it comes to magazine content. You will get to know the up-and-coming artists, musicians, fashion bloggers and designers. You should grab one now!

Anyhoo, I'm starting to think what to give to my Papa for this Father's Day. What do you think you're getting for your Dad? ;)

Hello Friday! Finally! ;)


  1. yaaaay for your new camera, photography is so fun! especially amazing you got the extra lenses :D x

    1. thanks so much's not the latest one though but I'm super grateful still.. :D i tried the muffins but it turned out burnt LOL thanks for the visit! XX