Monday, June 25, 2012

The Appointment

Mama and I had to go to an appointment. Sadly, the person we wanted to meet was rushed to a nearby clinic. We had to go back to our way. Had some lil shopping and more checking-outs. Mum bought me a new pair of skinny pants and a hat as gifts for June. How awesome it sounds. Haha! Thanks Mama! :) And to my delight, I also found instant Mee Goreng noodles in the supermarket. It quadrupled the cost compared back in Indo where it only costs PHP4.00.

This is me waiting for Mama trying on some pair of pants.

 Happy with the new stuff I've got from F21 and some Mi Goreng (indo fried noodles) instant noodles from SM! I couldn't wait to pair this hat with something so beach-themed tops and bottoms for our trip to Bora this weekend (c/o Queen from Oz). Weeeee! Hope the weather gets along with us! :) 

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