Monday, June 11, 2012

Sea + Sand + Surf in < 30 Days

Aleli and I from our Siargao Island trip last 2009 ;)

Living in the island, earning enough to support our trips, thinking about surf, sipping milk teas in the morning with your partner and enjoying the lazy afternoons in a hammock are some of the few things that I dream to do in my life. But when reality sinks in, what I'm aiming for these days is to go back to the place where waves and surfboards meet; wishing that my boyfriend was here so I could take some pictures of him while surfing and getting tubed. And I must say that I've been hoping that soon, Aleli ...Kris...Mosho...will hop onto a plane and go home here in the Philippines and do the things that we used to do together.

I love surfing and I've been trying my best to learn everything that I need to know. And being excited of my sorority sisters - Aleli  and Kris coming back here in the Philippines, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to spend their mini-vacation from work in the island of Siargao. It's gonna be more exciting for the fact that some of our very dear sisters will be tagging along with us for the next month trip. 

All of the photos above reminded me of the joy it brought us; the fun that we'd always seek; the memories that close friends share and the bond of such sorority that keeps it strong. Right now, I'm keeping myself on a nutritional diet for this big trip. Haha. I couldn't take the nuisance of my beer belly while paddling out there with my bikini. Siargao, here we come in 29 days - again! XX 

Photo Credits: Everything owned by me except for Alana Blanchard's photo in the tower of Cloud 9, Siargao. Apology for losing the website source. :D

Photo Locations: The Cement Factory, Banda Aceh, Indonesia / Moalboal, Cebu / washing dishes - Moalboal / Coconut Tree down to guys surfing in blue - Siargao Island / 3 sisters in Lanuza, Surigao del Sur / twins in a hammock - Boronggan, Samar / jackinhorse spot - Siargao / Secrets spot & road - Pacifico, Siargao / old tower - cloud9, Siargao / Alana Blanchard - tower, cloud9, Siargao / my craseyfish sweetie in Rock Island, Siargao / Aleli and I post-surfing lessons in the tower, cloud9, Siargao Island, PI


  1. oh these are really cool photos! the island looks really beautiful!

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  2. thanks carrie! this is such a cool surfing spot or even a place for vacation! thanks for visiting my blog, will surely do check out yours!

    XX ;)

  3. ahhh your life looks so beautiful and fun! thanks for your sweet comments, i have followed back <3

  4. thanks claire! i'm preppin for baking apple cinnamon muffins now...i hope it will turn out great!

    if you happen to drop by the Philippines, let me know, I'd be glad to show you around! Life is so short not to enjoy it. :D

    Stay genuinely inspirational Claire! XX