Friday, August 31, 2012

Morning After Morning

I slowly realize that living back here in my hometown is ohhhhhsome! I can run or walk in the morning free from pollution (unlike in the main city) and I have an easy breezy access to the hills overlooking the sea...with the sunrise and the little boats with fishermen. I just love the seaside and I wish there were waves where my parents and I live. But overall, I love it here. ;)

When I arrived in my yoga spot, I couldn't help but take this photo of the sunrise view.

Lovely flowers here and there around me. How awesome my morning could be?!? :) 

Had my cam on timer mode, me after my session, back view. ;) Great view!

My hike+yoga charms = Roxy Flip Flops, Thrifted Hippie Bag, Hippie-ish Skirt, Old-school 80s Straw Mat ;)

The Awesome ME xx 

 My tiny, weird feet.
 Downhill :)

 Yellow fruits for breakfast? ;) 

Veggies and mango breaky :D

Morning walk and yoga are the best. Would be more sweet if you could find a perfect spot that all you could hear are the birds singing, bees buzzing and sunrise touching your skin. And oh, just be careful of snakes! Hehe. ;)

How was your morning today? 


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    1. Yup Yup Zelle! :) Too bad kai now we have to face the tsunami alert and the earthquake.. huhu. See ya soon! xx