Wednesday, August 15, 2012

surfdust x rottennuke


a day in stars with twinkle sparks
palm trees in north and wave that barks
on the road, thick shallow muds
rains, footprints, lay of best buds

island whistles on the ear
as she lay down on bed in tear
happy joys that flow from eyes
on life amazing, sea breeze ties

never-ending green and brown cults
praising water give no faults
so inviting one not miss
island free, eternal bliss

walking home no paths like those
light and moon, sands and toes
love no fear, sun comes high
break sounds, rip and fly

come to thee with smile, he waits
tropical shimmers, she tastes
pink sunsets love grow
surf fringes, stay not go


  1. Replies
    1. thank you shen! :) loveslovesloves here. you look so great with your photos too! i checked ur blog. lovely! xx