Wednesday, September 19, 2012

playlist : summer x surfing x seashells

Summer hasn't come to an end. It will never end in our hearts. Put your plugs on or turn on the volume, close your eyes and listen to this playlist (I created) before going to work or sleep.  Think of waves, salty air and sunsets. Happy sandsonyourtoes ... 

Summer x Surfing x Seashells from rottennuke on 8tracks Radio.

The day I left for the island.

make-up corner x smokey eyes

Okay Daisies (read: girls), I'm turning around 360 degrees now. No surfing, no beach, no seashells yet. I am turning to paint my face tonight. This is my first make-up post. I am a fan of it, absolutely. But I am too lazy to show them up to you no matter how it will end up look like. Who cares by the way? RIGHT? And so, I've always loved smokey eyes. Black, blue, any colors will do but for this entry, I am using black. And I've always loved colors. And I've always loved putting colors onto something or someone. BUT I never had the enormous guts to prove to you how I can handle eyeshadows. This is combustion in the making, feeling like I am the model of my own creation (which is true).

I am no PROFESSIONAL here, such a torrid way to do this but I love how it turned out. I have a very bad pair of eyelids, so to say, sucks to have had little bumps on my eyes when I was growing up due to dairy products + egg allergies. Blame it on you fookin eggs! T_T Smiling back.

Mind you, I am too broke for now to get M.A.C. :)

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed my first make-up post! xx

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

cemetery visit x grandpop's birthday

The clock didn't give me more time for some beauty rest but thankful enough to wake me up to visit my grandfather's tomb on his birthday. Such a gloomy atmosphere outside, was thinking to don dark neutral shades but was running out of time. Grabbed a loose gray shirt and flip-flops to complete the denim shorts+top look.

We bought flowers for him, for my grandmother (whom I got my given name), my greatgrandunclesaunties and my dear cousin. Prayed, talked to them (they are around, for sure), and took some photos as well surrounded by the silent sound of  mausoleums. And the fact that we watched those horror movies during the fiesta night, I couldn't help but feel a bit creepy. home and thought about painting myself in smoky shade.

 sunnies, vans ; top, thrifted ; denim shorts, thrifted ; tote bag, topshop ; flip-flops, roxy

Happy Birthday my dear Lolo... I always pray for you and Lola too. Love you. xx

fitness : running x sunset

Keeping up with my running session is not so bad. I always try my best to find time within a week (if not everyday due to weather conditions or work) to run from our street up to the hill where I usually indulge in setting up the goal not to stop no matter what. The last time I went for a run with someone was months ago with the boyfriend. For the past weeks here in my hometown, I only do it on my own since I couldn't grab my Mama, Papa nor our househelp to go with me. 

the ohhhsome me with my fookin vintage wayfarer x behind is the view of the city

down hill, back to the main highway, homebound, pinkish skies

the only i saw at this time, by the road, eating grass :)

It was so nice because one of my new friends had the same thought on having an afternoon run 2 days ago. Chatted up on FB and decided to meet up around 4 PM. She picked me up from our house and went straight running to our destination. Two girls in line without guys, for a late sunset run...This is my first time to run when dusk strikes here in Danao. I couldn't agree more when Ahnne (was supposed to post her photo, Blogger's crashing) said about the pinkish sunset behind the hills around the golf course. We took some mobile photos and didn't expect that it would turn out so fookin great! I love it. Just, inexplicable. I AM SO SORRY some photos couldn't be uploaded. Spell U-G-H-H-H, Blogger, what's happening? I wanted to share it to you. T_T

Monday, September 17, 2012

another fiesta

Every September of the year, my hometown celebrates its fiesta in honor of our patron saint, Senyor Santo Tomas de Villaneuva. Daisies and tree trunks (read: ladies and gents), as I remembered from someone who reminded me that my blog is global, I will explain to you briefly what's with our fiesta. 

Because we were colonized by the Spaniards longer than any big countries way back, we hugely adopted the religious culture that they taught us. Philippines is the only country in Asia who has the largest number of Roman Catholics. Every town has its own patron saint and each of it celebrates a festival for such saint.

What I actually did on this year's fiesta was catching up with my high school friends and some friends, and friends of friends....and alllll of whoever's friends. And ended up watching two horror movies at my friend's place. Seriously, I shouldn't write much anymore. I hate connectives, I am better off without using it. Hope you guys and gals understood everything here.


Photographer of the Day: a i s h a xx (thanks dear for taking some of the photos here) 
Hosts: Geezelle hearts James M. with the rest of the crews, Kris (my sorority sister), Murky (Aisha's Sister, Atty. Tapangan, Matt and James' friend ;) 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

new things x me x TGIF

As I promised to post my newly-owned treasures, I finally have the time to show you now (because work is not "working" well at the moment). These things that I consider pretty and everything to me says the type of  personality that I have. And every piece I got means a lot to me no matter how much it costs or wherever I've purchased or got them. I categorize them for my street, laid-back, town girl and surf chick style with much seaside and life inspirations. Take a look at these precious hearts and hope that you like 'em too. :)

1. short in neon prints, thrifted

2. loose white tank top (folded) with split screen volkswagen (the only van that i so love, reminds me of Lola Bella - the bf's van with me), thrifted

3. 3 tees in a row! (Vans, Volcom, Famous) sounds like a skater girl huh, online shop (gonna post its link soon)

4. shoulder bag in tribal print, PHP 199 in SM Kultura

5. bikini tops, O'neill and Hurley, bikini bottom, billabong, online

6. skulls in green/pink scarf, freshly arrived from the bf :) ; tote bag with dog print (reminds me of Bimbam our pet, pushed me to buy it when I checked out Topshop Ayala,), Topshop

7. NYLON Magazine with Freida Pinto ; I'll Go if you Go Billabong lookbook, RSO - Sm

8. addition to my running socks, Darlington - 3 pairs in 1 set (I already used the other pair), PHP100 (?), Sm Department Store Cebu

9. package from the bf, wooohoooo! (before it was opened) xx

Well, I got another "something" now and just opened it after having an afternoon run with my girl, Ahnne (will post pics tomorrow). It's gonna be a hella busy Saturday for me - preppin for the fiesta / work / obligations at home. But this keeps me and motivates me so bad I wanna eat purple ice cream with stars on top. Haha. Anyhoo, have a happy Friday to alllllll! (I'm already stoked...chillin' here at home, with my snuggles... Bernie and Misty...) and about to play a movie, all about surfing.

Outfit of the Day : loose shirt and pajamas 
not too good for LOOKBOOK eh

Remember, happiness is within. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

latest : midsummer night's dream

Oh hey, hey, hey. I don't live a life that is boring but maybe less boring or more boring than yours. Quite simple, I am doing what I love right now but as my professor said when I was in high school, a person will never be satisfied - which means we are definitely insatiable. Inspirations satisfy me anytime. I get it from anyone at anytime. I also get it from deep within me. Well, to connect this awesome first talk, I would suggest that the following things that I am showing you are not really shocking and boosting nor loving, letting you beforehand. Haha. But getting to know me or a little inspiration from the other of your world, check them out. 

Daisies and tree trunks (read: ladies and gents), the following photos are what I have been up to lately and everything here in off-tangent. The words, the photos and me, define this blog, just so personal, you know. Hmmpf, big sigh, I think this crazy sh*t I'm going through right now is because of my love to see the ocean again. I badly want to feel it and sense the freedom when you float on its surface, kissing its saltiness and breathe its air. But no matter what, the possie vibes are still here, I will be with you soon, the bf and the ocean.

Okay, I need to stop. I hope there is still a connection between each sentence that I made above. But naaaa, enjoy the stationary show. I suck in writing.


this is me, painting the house in green, i must say im fookin good in doing the job

still gonna put some different frames, hmmm, more on browns, im thinking ;)

She's Bimbam, our four-year old dog. Such a feisty little one...having an afternoon snack.

Star-like down from the skies, yo, on mah sweats! One rainy night with the girls - kiddie bday.

And how I'm getting PALE, emergency situation, banging my head in lost translation! SUN please smile.

I am in smiling notation, wonder what was dribbling in my head? HAPPY to see my walls again!

She's my blue mini-mal, designed by the BF's friend and a gift from him too, more peace and happiness xx

Again, a snapshot of our sweet little pea at home - but undoubtedly barks so loud.
the tiny one again, on her moves xoxo

Basically, maybe this set is more onto Bimbam (our pet). But as you can see, I've been productive in helping out at home and getting some ME time alone. Whew, I know I still have to post my "new things". Gotta go and check out my work now, if she's still there? Haha. Oh how we need to earn! 

Byesh for now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

lazy 2 A.M.

I have been so lazy getting back on my blog. Tons of things to finish especially that our town fiesta is coming so soon. I just got done painting our living room with mint green color and I am happy to think that I actually did it. 

Anyhoo, I need to go working in a bit. See you again soon. Will be posting my new stuff for last and this week's. ;)

And by the way, prayers to everyone in memory of the September 11. Have a happy Wednesday to all! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

september rush

Life lately has been like a whirlwind when it comes to unsteady sunny skies and bright blue cotton floats. But,  except for shopping, it really makes my world go round and round. I got some stuff last night and I will post them soon here. Work has gotten my way so this is just a quick post to invite you how my September started. Got an invite from my sorority sister for her sister and niece's birthday bash held in their place. I was also able to attend the "Sinugdan" for our town fiesta last Thursday. All were so fun! ;) 

Inspirations kickin in. People to look up to. Places to visit. Boyfriend coming back home. Surfing and competitions. Town fiesta next week (which means high school friends reunion). These are the few things that make my life a bit exciting today, tomorrow and the next few days. I know how rugged I am but I'm such a chick in vanity too. Going in a salon appointment later! ;) Happy Blessed Sunday to all! <3 :=":" beach="beach" for="for" me="me" nbsp="nbsp" o="o" p="p" though="though">

my 100th degree cousin and I during the Sinugdan parade in my hometown Danao City, Cebu ;)

a woman in mask during the parade

a guy in mask too ;) just for fun! (supposed to be for Halloween? ait? )

Viva Sr. Santo Tomas! :)

The kiddie was so great! The food was so yummy (it has been one), that's why I wouldn't decline my sister's (Chaka) invitation. And the day after, it was also fun to join for the first time, the Sinugdan parade in our little city. Next week, surely, this is gonna be a rock-and-roll fiesta! Woooot wooot! 

Hmmm, thinking about what to wear then? ;)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Miss Sunrise

It's been 2 weeks now that I have stayed with my parents and not in my place in the city. Our hometown is up north and is very serene, calm and less polluted. Scary thought that last weekend, we had to experience a 7.9 magnitude earthquake, heavy rains and lil floods. I was so happy earlier this morning to know that at last, for four days, the sun was about to shine when I peeked through my window.

I can't explain how I love the sunrise. I took my cam with me with my running outfit and walked fast to my hometown's seaside. Look at what I've seen...

near the seawall <3 p="p">
An old man having a hike by the seaside... :)

Another old man doin his thing.. yoga? aerobic? :)

V-shaped :) took a phot peekin through this v-shape tree trunk <3 p="p">
This is one of the most amazing sunrise moments I've ever had. No doubt it makes me so hyped up waking up in the morning thinking of seeing the sun going out and facing us with another day of sunny, happy life.

Nike Sneaks for running :) And an anklet given by my boyfriend :)

the exact place to play with your bicycle :)

Old men chatting and gettin some Vit. D :)

and your truly, loving every bit of my morning :) on my way back home <3 p="p">

How's your morning today? Hope it was a blast waking up from a fantasy land! Loves!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

rottennuke x heart tittle (behind the scenes)

Heart Tittle Shop officially re-opened yesterday with very affordable items ranging from PHP 50 to PHP 150. Here, you can find the behind-the-scenes pictures for their lookbook. The location was set in Danao City, Cebu, quite up north. It was such a quick photoshoot but it turned out so radddd! \m/

the model : Nora Pasana (my niece)

the model and the only crew xx