Monday, September 17, 2012

another fiesta

Every September of the year, my hometown celebrates its fiesta in honor of our patron saint, Senyor Santo Tomas de Villaneuva. Daisies and tree trunks (read: ladies and gents), as I remembered from someone who reminded me that my blog is global, I will explain to you briefly what's with our fiesta. 

Because we were colonized by the Spaniards longer than any big countries way back, we hugely adopted the religious culture that they taught us. Philippines is the only country in Asia who has the largest number of Roman Catholics. Every town has its own patron saint and each of it celebrates a festival for such saint.

What I actually did on this year's fiesta was catching up with my high school friends and some friends, and friends of friends....and alllll of whoever's friends. And ended up watching two horror movies at my friend's place. Seriously, I shouldn't write much anymore. I hate connectives, I am better off without using it. Hope you guys and gals understood everything here.


Photographer of the Day: a i s h a xx (thanks dear for taking some of the photos here) 
Hosts: Geezelle hearts James M. with the rest of the crews, Kris (my sorority sister), Murky (Aisha's Sister, Atty. Tapangan, Matt and James' friend ;) 


  1. We did enjoy.. I believe we should do movie marathon or the horror movie again.. :)
    More tequila in the house.. :)
    So glad you guys came over..

    1. Thanks Geez! I think it would be so much fun if we're gonna have some activities like movie marath! And tequila! (english ta for our global friends). Comedy flicks next time! will look for some! ;) Next weeeekkkkkend? :)

    2. Sounds fun, but I'm not available till October the whole weekend.. (feeling busy)will be doing daughter stuff and grand daughter stuff. :)
      i also need to go home in my lil hometown for our town fiesta this coming 29th. (I'm inviting you to come over to Bohol)
      Maybe when I get back this October we could do movie marathon again.. alternate horror and comedy.

    3. Ahhh, sounds all right. Family comes first dear. Cge2x. OCtober will do! No hurries! Haha, fiesta again! Thanks for the invite but maybe I will be in Siargao that days. :( WHen ya get back na! ;)

    4. Siargao again.. envy me.. enjoy surfing in the waves.. :)
      do a video on you surfing.. :)
      or a mini demo on surfing 101 for noob like me.. :)