Tuesday, September 18, 2012

fitness : running x sunset

Keeping up with my running session is not so bad. I always try my best to find time within a week (if not everyday due to weather conditions or work) to run from our street up to the hill where I usually indulge in setting up the goal not to stop no matter what. The last time I went for a run with someone was months ago with the boyfriend. For the past weeks here in my hometown, I only do it on my own since I couldn't grab my Mama, Papa nor our househelp to go with me. 

the ohhhsome me with my fookin vintage wayfarer x behind is the view of the city

down hill, back to the main highway, homebound, pinkish skies

the only i saw at this time, by the road, eating grass :)

It was so nice because one of my new friends had the same thought on having an afternoon run 2 days ago. Chatted up on FB and decided to meet up around 4 PM. She picked me up from our house and went straight running to our destination. Two girls in line without guys, for a late sunset run...This is my first time to run when dusk strikes here in Danao. I couldn't agree more when Ahnne (was supposed to post her photo, Blogger's crashing) said about the pinkish sunset behind the hills around the golf course. We took some mobile photos and didn't expect that it would turn out so fookin great! I love it. Just, inexplicable. I AM SO SORRY some photos couldn't be uploaded. Spell U-G-H-H-H, Blogger, what's happening? I wanted to share it to you. T_T

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