Thursday, September 13, 2012

latest : midsummer night's dream

Oh hey, hey, hey. I don't live a life that is boring but maybe less boring or more boring than yours. Quite simple, I am doing what I love right now but as my professor said when I was in high school, a person will never be satisfied - which means we are definitely insatiable. Inspirations satisfy me anytime. I get it from anyone at anytime. I also get it from deep within me. Well, to connect this awesome first talk, I would suggest that the following things that I am showing you are not really shocking and boosting nor loving, letting you beforehand. Haha. But getting to know me or a little inspiration from the other of your world, check them out. 

Daisies and tree trunks (read: ladies and gents), the following photos are what I have been up to lately and everything here in off-tangent. The words, the photos and me, define this blog, just so personal, you know. Hmmpf, big sigh, I think this crazy sh*t I'm going through right now is because of my love to see the ocean again. I badly want to feel it and sense the freedom when you float on its surface, kissing its saltiness and breathe its air. But no matter what, the possie vibes are still here, I will be with you soon, the bf and the ocean.

Okay, I need to stop. I hope there is still a connection between each sentence that I made above. But naaaa, enjoy the stationary show. I suck in writing.


this is me, painting the house in green, i must say im fookin good in doing the job

still gonna put some different frames, hmmm, more on browns, im thinking ;)

She's Bimbam, our four-year old dog. Such a feisty little one...having an afternoon snack.

Star-like down from the skies, yo, on mah sweats! One rainy night with the girls - kiddie bday.

And how I'm getting PALE, emergency situation, banging my head in lost translation! SUN please smile.

I am in smiling notation, wonder what was dribbling in my head? HAPPY to see my walls again!

She's my blue mini-mal, designed by the BF's friend and a gift from him too, more peace and happiness xx

Again, a snapshot of our sweet little pea at home - but undoubtedly barks so loud.
the tiny one again, on her moves xoxo

Basically, maybe this set is more onto Bimbam (our pet). But as you can see, I've been productive in helping out at home and getting some ME time alone. Whew, I know I still have to post my "new things". Gotta go and check out my work now, if she's still there? Haha. Oh how we need to earn! 

Byesh for now.


  1. Such a cut dog.:-)
    Thanks,for your lovely comment on my blog.
    Maybe follow each other???

    1. Thanks! Yup, she's real cute. So small for her age. And I truly love your red pants! i wish i could pull off the red. ;) i appreciate you droppin by here..i already did follow you! xx

  2. Thanks,for the follow,dear.<3 Follow you back on gfc.
    Have a nice day!!!

    1. Thank you for the follow! :) Have the awesomest day too! Loves! xx