Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Miss Sunrise

It's been 2 weeks now that I have stayed with my parents and not in my place in the city. Our hometown is up north and is very serene, calm and less polluted. Scary thought that last weekend, we had to experience a 7.9 magnitude earthquake, heavy rains and lil floods. I was so happy earlier this morning to know that at last, for four days, the sun was about to shine when I peeked through my window.

I can't explain how I love the sunrise. I took my cam with me with my running outfit and walked fast to my hometown's seaside. Look at what I've seen...

near the seawall <3 p="p">
An old man having a hike by the seaside... :)

Another old man doin his thing.. yoga? aerobic? :)

V-shaped :) took a phot peekin through this v-shape tree trunk <3 p="p">
This is one of the most amazing sunrise moments I've ever had. No doubt it makes me so hyped up waking up in the morning thinking of seeing the sun going out and facing us with another day of sunny, happy life.

Nike Sneaks for running :) And an anklet given by my boyfriend :)

the exact place to play with your bicycle :)

Old men chatting and gettin some Vit. D :)

and your truly, loving every bit of my morning :) on my way back home <3 p="p">

How's your morning today? Hope it was a blast waking up from a fantasy land! Loves!


  1. your photos are beautiful, nothing better than being awake to see the sunrise :) hope everything's okay though, the earthquake and everything sounds scary!

    1. thanks claire! i def agree with you about sunrise :) we're all good now here, praying it won't happen again,scary when the earthquake woke me up .. again, thanks!