Saturday, September 15, 2012

new things x me x TGIF

As I promised to post my newly-owned treasures, I finally have the time to show you now (because work is not "working" well at the moment). These things that I consider pretty and everything to me says the type of  personality that I have. And every piece I got means a lot to me no matter how much it costs or wherever I've purchased or got them. I categorize them for my street, laid-back, town girl and surf chick style with much seaside and life inspirations. Take a look at these precious hearts and hope that you like 'em too. :)

1. short in neon prints, thrifted

2. loose white tank top (folded) with split screen volkswagen (the only van that i so love, reminds me of Lola Bella - the bf's van with me), thrifted

3. 3 tees in a row! (Vans, Volcom, Famous) sounds like a skater girl huh, online shop (gonna post its link soon)

4. shoulder bag in tribal print, PHP 199 in SM Kultura

5. bikini tops, O'neill and Hurley, bikini bottom, billabong, online

6. skulls in green/pink scarf, freshly arrived from the bf :) ; tote bag with dog print (reminds me of Bimbam our pet, pushed me to buy it when I checked out Topshop Ayala,), Topshop

7. NYLON Magazine with Freida Pinto ; I'll Go if you Go Billabong lookbook, RSO - Sm

8. addition to my running socks, Darlington - 3 pairs in 1 set (I already used the other pair), PHP100 (?), Sm Department Store Cebu

9. package from the bf, wooohoooo! (before it was opened) xx

Well, I got another "something" now and just opened it after having an afternoon run with my girl, Ahnne (will post pics tomorrow). It's gonna be a hella busy Saturday for me - preppin for the fiesta / work / obligations at home. But this keeps me and motivates me so bad I wanna eat purple ice cream with stars on top. Haha. Anyhoo, have a happy Friday to alllllll! (I'm already stoked...chillin' here at home, with my snuggles... Bernie and Misty...) and about to play a movie, all about surfing.

Outfit of the Day : loose shirt and pajamas 
not too good for LOOKBOOK eh

Remember, happiness is within. 


  1. .

    O homem bambeia no arame,
    entre o casamento e a traição.
    Veja o por quê, no meu blog.

    Beijos do Brazil,



    1. Hello, thanks for dropping by here. I am so sorry I haven't learned Portuguese before but I tried to have your words translated and this came out:

      The man weaken in the wire, between the marriage and the treason. See the why, in my blog.

      It's quite deep though not sure if it's the right translation. Anyhoo, unique blog you got. Nice.

      Thanks, again!

  2. you have a very fun blog ,
    and i love this post .
    it is so cool !
    i followed your blog too .

    1. Thanks Keyti! I really do appreciate your visit and follow. Keep posting too! ;) loves xoxo

  3. Thanks for the comment!!! Following you on GFC, hope you'll do the same!!! xoxo

    1. Yup Valeria! Thank you! ;) I already did! Enjoy your day! xx

  4. ohhhh i so love the volkswagen top! i dream of having a pink or blue one of those some day haha. and the first pair of shorts are amazing, so pretty. hope you're well :) xx

    1. Ohhh, thanks Claire! Yup, when I saw it, I knew I had to get it. I know it will be easy to get one there! We have a green one now and it's so nice to cruise around the town with the van. And the pair of shorts, soo radddd. Thanks, again Claire! All's good here. ;) xx

  5. Nice post and blog! (;
    Maybe u wanna follow each other?
    If u wanna, let me know. ♥

    Love, Jackffy

    1. Thank you jackffy! Will surely do! ;) loves

  6. nice blog! we can follow each other?

    1. Thank you celine! I already did follow u in GFC! LOVELY! XX