Sunday, September 9, 2012

september rush

Life lately has been like a whirlwind when it comes to unsteady sunny skies and bright blue cotton floats. But,  except for shopping, it really makes my world go round and round. I got some stuff last night and I will post them soon here. Work has gotten my way so this is just a quick post to invite you how my September started. Got an invite from my sorority sister for her sister and niece's birthday bash held in their place. I was also able to attend the "Sinugdan" for our town fiesta last Thursday. All were so fun! ;) 

Inspirations kickin in. People to look up to. Places to visit. Boyfriend coming back home. Surfing and competitions. Town fiesta next week (which means high school friends reunion). These are the few things that make my life a bit exciting today, tomorrow and the next few days. I know how rugged I am but I'm such a chick in vanity too. Going in a salon appointment later! ;) Happy Blessed Sunday to all! <3 :=":" beach="beach" for="for" me="me" nbsp="nbsp" o="o" p="p" though="though">

my 100th degree cousin and I during the Sinugdan parade in my hometown Danao City, Cebu ;)

a woman in mask during the parade

a guy in mask too ;) just for fun! (supposed to be for Halloween? ait? )

Viva Sr. Santo Tomas! :)

The kiddie was so great! The food was so yummy (it has been one), that's why I wouldn't decline my sister's (Chaka) invitation. And the day after, it was also fun to join for the first time, the Sinugdan parade in our little city. Next week, surely, this is gonna be a rock-and-roll fiesta! Woooot wooot! 

Hmmm, thinking about what to wear then? ;)

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