Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Long Hibernation x Away

It's been a month I couldn't fathom what has been happening when I realized a lot of things - when I was unreachable from my comfort hell. Took me lots of decent days to spit what I needed to, to decide on things that would really matter the present tense up to the I-don't-know-what-lies-ahead. 

Time in the island was strong enough to pull me away from the usual norm of being with yourself. It was indicative for me that my purpose was to hold a bottle, empty it out and pass out (rather than puke) for the whole stay. It was not. It was more than that. 

Surfing was fun for sure until a lil part of the reef hit my fookin nailbed and brought me to a sucky life, drenched into alcohol, unable to paddle out with a sickened big toe. Days turned into heavenly weeks in a coconut-tree-stricken surfland. I wish it was more, undying.

waiting for the ferry on 09/19/12

back from the tower, Cloud9

one of my fave spots in Kalinaw Restaurant (such a romantic place to stay)

3-storey tower, good times xx

3 weeks, livin the life that I've always wanted..

I remember from my friend Anpunks' ( astoldbyana.blogspot.com ) sort-of journal, "Carpe Fucking Diem"...

Miss it here. 


Saturday, November 3, 2012


Dripping tears of happy thoughts
The moments both shared in sweet days
I live each second the memory of you
With Viking veins, my cheek and a tight embrace

A squeeze of touch, lingering in me
Your light whispers that tingles deep
As we lay down, our hearts collide
A downhill path of emotions' steep

Lovely it is, the long kiss, the warmth
The scent of a man I closely desire
Feelings you have fallen, mirrored out
It's burning with intense, slow sexy fire

The curve goes up to her peach ears
Guffaw we made with moonlight fears
As I wander in my deep, scissored skull
I oppose, with you, time ain't dull

In days for years I cannot digress
What myself enchanted, his persuasiveness
If time can tell what far end sees
Famished lips to meet, tongues to tease.


Droppande tårar av glada tankar
De stunder båda delade i söta dagar
Jag bor varje sekund minnet av dig
Med Viking vener, min kind och en stram omfamning

En pressad beröring, dröjande i mig
Ditt ljus viskar som pirrar djup
Som vi fastställa våra hjärtan kolliderar
En downhill bana av känslor "brant

Härlig är den lång kyss, värmen
Doften av en man som jag noga önskar
Känslor du har fallit, speglade ut
Det brinner med intensiv, långsam sexig brand

Kurvan går upp till hennes persika öron
Gapskratt vi gjort med månsken rädsla
Som jag vandrar i min djupa, scissored skalle
Jag motsätter mig med dig, tiden inte tråkig

I dagar för år kan jag inte utvikning
Vad jag själv förtrollad, hans övertalningsförmåga
Om tiden kan se vad bortre änden ser
Utsvulten läppar att möta, tungor att retas.

My hibernation has ended. I am back.