Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Long Hibernation x Away

It's been a month I couldn't fathom what has been happening when I realized a lot of things - when I was unreachable from my comfort hell. Took me lots of decent days to spit what I needed to, to decide on things that would really matter the present tense up to the I-don't-know-what-lies-ahead. 

Time in the island was strong enough to pull me away from the usual norm of being with yourself. It was indicative for me that my purpose was to hold a bottle, empty it out and pass out (rather than puke) for the whole stay. It was not. It was more than that. 

Surfing was fun for sure until a lil part of the reef hit my fookin nailbed and brought me to a sucky life, drenched into alcohol, unable to paddle out with a sickened big toe. Days turned into heavenly weeks in a coconut-tree-stricken surfland. I wish it was more, undying.

waiting for the ferry on 09/19/12

back from the tower, Cloud9

one of my fave spots in Kalinaw Restaurant (such a romantic place to stay)

3-storey tower, good times xx

3 weeks, livin the life that I've always wanted..

I remember from my friend Anpunks' ( astoldbyana.blogspot.com ) sort-of journal, "Carpe Fucking Diem"...

Miss it here. 


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