Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Day of 2012 (Welcome 2013)

2012, a year fully-packed with bittersweet memories. There were ups and downs; sweet and spicy; sunny and rainy. But among the past few years, I reckon 2012 is the best one though it's not my happiest. It makes me masticate 2013 soon for the goals that I want to reach and the rest of the things worth-living, to continue what I have been wanting to do in my life. Sure, merry it looks like on my photos but it is life. We have to live the moment each day, embrace the blessings that the Almighty One has given us and thank every minute of the day to be able to party hard, work endlessly, breathe normally, get hurt unexpectedly, love passionately or just being appreciative to the things that make our lives awesome every single day. Life is truly beautiful. My 2012 was in full-on collision of tears and laughter that will definitely stay in my temporal lobe. Apart from the emo side, I was happy to travel first time away from my own country, delve into different cultures that taught me to be more open-minded, to realize that I could really get invulnerable in any aspect that pursues me and that there are new things to explore every second of the day - that there's no boredom in the world at all. I got the worst hungover on the 22nd of December to top it all and hit my head on the floor of our bedroom. That I fell in love in the wrong time at the wrong place at the wrong guy because I know I will never see him again. That I broke up with the guy I cared and loved for 2 years. But realizing that life is generous, it pays you back. Happy New Year to all the people around the world. I hope you also had the sweetest 2012, so sweet you don't need more sugar to welcome the f*cking 2013!




  1. Oh girl I love these photos. I love the surf style you got going on. I just started surfing last year and I absolutely loved it. You're a lucky girl!!! :)
    Thanks for the nice comment, it sure means a lot!


    1. Thank you thank you Gita! ;) I, myself, love the spontaneity of my surflife last 2012. It is pretty hard, to learn and get the hang of it. But gotta keep going. Maybe we'll see each other someday in a surf spot (hoping I'll be much much better with waves). I also love your blog! We are all lucky girls to be able to spend the amazing life! :)

      much aloha

      aurora ;)