Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lola Dulce, The Birthday

If I'm not travelling, I'd be sitting in the living room with Mama talking heaps and heaps of anything OR I'd be out with the rest of the fam except for Papa. My hometown's been a heart to me for some reasons but getting together with close kins are one of the bests. 

Picnic at night in the "Boardwalk", ended up a lil soaked of the tiny raindrops from the sky with ridiculous laughs with mah Aunts, Uncle and the kids...didn't surprise me at all. It has been like that and it will always be. Crazy, happy and kinda "amaw". Hehe. Happy Birthday to my beloved Grandma. We dearly love you.

fish port lights in my hometown

my nephew and my niece with her teddy 

 rockin my new denim blazer for the December air (oooohhh Pablo typhoon, do not come here)

 not sure if this is Oreo, tagging along with us (one of my nephew's pets)

 Pizza for the kids after 2 hours! 
my nephew and I playing with the cam, looked so tired 

outfit :
denim b - thrifted
black&white tank top - f21
black leggings - @ the APM Mall
Sneaks - Vans
Rings - f21 , online

Family comes first.
Lord, Mama Mary and all the Saints, please protect us from Pablo.


Lady Aurora


  1. Love pics!Pizza looks tasty:-)Lovely blog. What about following each other?

    1. Yup! Tasted so good foreal! ;) We can do! xx ima check your blog! loves!