Saturday, August 10, 2013

poolside date

She was away and haven't seen the roomie for weeks now, like literally. Hit the poolside again before July ended. Quite fed up with the other pool, decided to visit El Salvador Resort in Danao City. Been here as well since I was a kid, it's not new to us then. And after a week, had to be back here for a work-related photoshoot. Such a relaxing place. Hoping for another weekend with the bff again. 

Resort Entrance : PHP175

Now playing : The Rose Garden Vinyl, Side A, Track 1, Next Plane to London :)



Sunday, July 28, 2013


In black, in motion, in desperation for the sea. It's a matter of choice, a matter of discussion between my soul and my brain and my poverty within. I have clouded my mind with the best stars, strawberries and crowned sun. I am pleased being dark, tanned and the likelihood of being golden, glittered with amusement from Mr. Sun. Being sick has a reason to make one blog post. 

Shoot done within my working area one lazy day last week in Cebu City.

Outfit Deets :
Black Dress - f21
Sneaks - Vans

playing vinyl 20 original everlasting oldies, side b, track 10 - a groovy kind of love by the mindbenders



Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vinyls : Side 1

I grew up with a huge influence on music from my father and my brother (we have a 9-year gap as siblings). Lately, I scored a portable long record player from a high school friend. My father's vintage one was already broken to play his vinyl collection and been thinking to get one for him as a birthday gift. Was so ecstatic to try it last week. These photos were taken days ago in my hometown and want to share it with you guys.

As I am about to post this, I am listening to Woodstock, Side 1, Track 3, Freedom by Richie Havens with all the voices of the those hippies and the like on the ground, feeling the love of the sixties. I wish I was born in their era. 

Been through a lot lately, music heals.



Thursday, June 20, 2013

Where's your wave?

I wish I could go surfing today but I know, somewhere out there, someone's getting tubed or dancing on her mini-mal! Go, get a wave for me! Happy International Surfing Day! 

me, in front of a desktop, at work, with much aloha vibe! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Poem x Innocent Blue

Time is beautifully tragic, in its best ways,
Of life in the middle, a woman stays,
Sun's glare is shining, moonlight is above,
Forbidden or not, distance is hate and love.

Nothing to compare of sweetness it takes,
A fine young deer, nothing it fakes,
Blue clear cystals, shore its eyes,
Blonde in sleek cut, crying for its smiles.

Heart couldn't desire, the possibility,
Of likeliness it brings, its vulnerability,
Doesn't have to wait, she knew cannot dare,
To lose a man it turned from a golden-sea stare.

Not in a wildest sense, he heard and knew,
She better get off, like a bird it flew,
In moments to share, happy things on Earth,
Got twisted, she churned, she saw him first.

A woman in confusion, a knowledge to conquer,
A sweet escape, to give space and ponder,
In night when dreams afloat, she awakes,
Of man, she adores, but it's all in the Fates.

(I woke up earlier this morning because the roomie told me, no agas! And figuring some things out even though I already knew the answer, silly. Wrote this poem for 10 minutes, expressing some thoughts and feelings. Damn. Hugs!) 



Photo taken by : Me
Location : Mountainside, Lahug

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Trip x Bohol (Chocolate Hills + Prony)

Sunrise in Bohol, my feet on the ferry stairs (Mint Green, F21), empty swimming pool of my Aunt's place

Mama, with her  60s-era hat, her real generation
Looks like I didn't feel being tired! Straight from work, baby!

The Man-made Forest on the way back to Tagbilaran from the Chocolate Hills

Must-try homemade chocolate+mango ice cream at Prony's site (Snackbar owned by a German guy) PHP40

Prony Burger, yummy for PHP100 only. ;)

Prony, changing skin

Loboc River in the afternoon

Quick beach essentials : my new Diane von Fursternberg ( DVFlovesRoxy ) bikini pair, Rip Curl hat and flip-flops, vintage-inspired rings (gift from my French friend Marion and Bazaar finds)

Family (Top Left: With Mama, with my brother ; Bottom Left to Right: my nephew and niece, my Uncle and Mama)

Straight from work, out around early in the evening, took a cab headed to the Pier. The family was waiting for me, we were Bohol-bound. I couldn't say anything other than, I am frekken excited! Bohol has been one of my top easy-to-go-destination after a long week of work or even before when I still had to go to uni. 

I am not sure how many times I have been here, countless for sure. My niece is 4 years old now and it's the best time to show her around Bohol, especially, Chocolate Hills. Every kid wonders about it. How it looks like and does it even taste sweet? LOL 

Anyhoo, back when I was younger like 8 years old, I really thought it was real choco-coated hills. My childhood development wasn't as quick as Tom and Jerry playing hide-and-seek. And now, back to see those cute little protruding granite-formed cups (perhaps), always make feel so thankful to have seen such. Though, at first, I was just really itching to go to the beach. Happy enough that our little girl in the family was able to see 'em. ;)

Back in Cebu now.



Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sun Worshipers

Coco Palms' awesome Chocolate and Cappuccino Shakes (so delicious and affordable) 

This happened 2 weeks ago. We always end up by the poolside to work on our tan every rest days we got. My bff/roomie and I both work from Mondays to Fridays, worse, I have to stretch up to Saturday or sometimes Sunday. But somehow, we really get the chance to hit the beach or pool. It's a bit late for me to post this (with other pending posts behind) but I think it's still fine though.

Our hometown is in the northern part of Cebu. We were in this resort, a 10-minute motorcycle ride from our houses, called Coco Palms. I must admit that I love this place among all others in Danao City because there's this whole view of the mountains with some coconut trees and seaside around. But sorry to say that their customer service is such a wreck I thought it's going to change but on our last visit, we were really astounded by the concierge lady. Anyhow, we still had fun under the sun. ;)

Pool Fee : PHP150/person
Choc Shake : PHP110
Capp Shake : PHP115
Must-try Carbonara : PHP175
Cebu-Danao V-Hire in SM : PHP50

(headed up north now, my bff's grandma died 2 days ago, *sad*)



Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sommar 2013 x White Pebbles, Blue-dazed Skies

Filipinos all know how summer heat embraces us with so much power. Ain't it easy if you're strolling down the road with buildings, cars and the usual pollution we have in the country. On the sunny, brighter side, everyone gets pumped-up when the tropical warmth hits (apart from the ladies who use too much whitening lotions and stuff, I'm sorry, dear, it's the best of the year now to work on our tans!).

Our first destination was Bantayan Island, north of Cebu, Philippines. Oh my, for the past years, been coming here in numerous times and I am so so glad that it's still the same island I have known for years. And as a budget traveler, I had to check my economy from time to time.

Inside my bag, of course, one of the stuff I got was my Nivea sun spray. I worship the sun so much but I do bother to look after my skin, to protect it from the damaging rays of the sun. 

I was with my APO brothers and sisters as well as my high school mates, close friends and my BFF/roomie. We had to experience the island-hopping together and we really had so much fun, met new friends and came to realize the things that are important when we travel. I am not seasoned yet but I do know how it gets rough sometimes.

 I have also realized that there are some people who, no matter how much you try to let them fit in, they wouldn't. As far as money, fame and the latest gadgets are concerned, I truly go to those side which travel and company matters the most. The trip was good, I have learned a lot of things in life, more and more.

Anyhoo, I am very thankful to live in this very beautiful, warm and summery land. I feel so blessed to be able to touch the sands, kiss the sea, breathe the fresh air and laugh with friends, new-found friends and the others. But of course, it's also the time of the year to thank God for saving us from our sins. 

Life is good. Be nice to everyone, living or non-living things. 

Happy Summer to all! 



Saturday, March 23, 2013

Instagram x Past Tense x Two

 I got inked last February 14, 2013 with my bestfriend and roomie. These two each represents my father's name on the left while on the other side's my mother's. 

- a photo taken in the ladies' room in our workplace done with our make-up, with my sorority sis :)
- Me, the typical pose for lunchbreak wearing my fave Vans shirt and DC kicks

- both photos were taken with my sorority sister, playing with the cam and done with our braided hair :)

- set for my make-up sesh at work
- a photo of distressed me when my niece was hospitalized due to bronchitis :(

- a photo of my niece with my Mum in the hospital where she got her new stuffed toy (the baby version of mine)
- a photo of me in our bedroom resulted from boredom

- a photo taken during lunchbreak at work of my sorority sister / workmate :)
- taken at Topshop store in Ayala with the bff

- a photoshoot in-between work near our studio, taken by the great photog, 
- the first book I have read for 2013

- our photographer at the studio 
- my dirty left hand for work

- new color :) 
- has been my lunch buddy :) Nestle Milk :D

- silly me with Olivia Wilde
- with my 2 sorority sisters in our place

- at the photo studio, photo I took of my workmates
- tiny tired feet, elevating legs during break

- workmates :)
- selfie me in the ladies' room

-second book to read by Haruki Murakami
- started to love using faux lashes :) and my new pink nail polish!

Will post its captions later. ;)