Monday, January 28, 2013

Instagram x January Stories

workmates hella fun 

girl power at work!



selfie me

such a team \m/

ceiling in my workplace

at work : Miami view

laid-back style

mashed-up : make-up artist, videographer, graphic designer

Olivia Wilde on the highs!


sisters in our crib

January is closing soon. Time is distance. Cannot wait to face the hearts month in 3 days! 




Saturday, January 26, 2013

what i wore x Heartaches

2013 came so fast. Days from now, it's gonna be the hearts' month. Crushed it may seem, inevitable, I am a bit heartbroken. Wooooo. But my mind's filled with work and outfits. And no one knows what's up with me. Anyhoo, had a mini photoshoot in between work with mah mates in the studio. I love what I do at the moment. Smiles.

Photos by: John Ong and Rosell Pareja

Sunday, January 13, 2013

what i wore x work with the crew

I recently got hired for a job as a make-up artist for a photo studio though I must admit that I am not a professional one, but I am still so glad to have this opportunity in my lifetime. I was endorsed by my sorority sister, Rosell, who is the assistant photographer of the studio to be interviewed for the said position. And talking about the outfit, this is what I wore during my first day of work. As you can see, I am very addicted with this jacket. I have been wearing this for a million times and I can't stop it! :)

outfit details:
denim jacket = thrifted
blue dress = f21
sneakers = vans

Photo Credits : Rosell Pareja and John Ong



Thursday, January 10, 2013

INSPIRATION : Hannah Wakefield

Yes, I am undoubtedly confused as to what to do right now. I am not anxious either. Tomorrow is a big day for me. I haven't talked about it that much but now, I just need to tell you guys. I got hired for a temporary job which is wayyyy too far from my nursing career. I am not sure what I feel at the moment but seems like it really excites me (and thinking about what clothes to wear!).

Just browsing some stuff and always thinking about getting more inspired. Now, I'm talking about Hannah Wakefield. One of the raddestttt girls I know in the universe. I forgot how I found her on IG but yeah...she's just so cool like amazingly know what I mean? She is from the Goldy but currently lives in Sydney. I didn't stalk that much but I must know, right? Cuz she inspires me - that's it - in her photos and her clothes. She is a model and got this pretty nifty skills in photography. BandiHOW, you should
check her blog : CREATIVE COLLECTIVE.

All photos are from Hannah Wake's FB and blog

Any inspiration for today? Who? What? Where? :)
Good night earthworms.



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Artists of the Week x One

Once in a while, I really try to check out different bands with different genres and circulate them every week on my playlist. Or depending on my mood - I just choose. For the past few days, I have been listening to these bands...

THE NAKED AND FAMOUS (image via) Passive Me, Aggressive You (especially for my running routine)

CRYSTAL CASTLES (image via) II (for running!)

PASSION PIT (image via) Manners, Gossamer (for running!)

THE HONEY TREES (image via) I just love them. 

THE BEATLES (image via) Rubber Soul 
I think for years now, I always listen to any Beatles song. I grew up waking up every Sunday morning hearing 60s and 70s music, especially The Beatles. My Papa loves them as much as I do. (Thinking about the broken needle and getting another LP record player. Gotta save up. Gottta do it.)

XAVIER RUDD (image via) Food in the Belly (I know I shouldn't be listening to this to divert my attention but one song really reminds me of someone...because it was sort of "our" song. But I love to listen to Xavier's music every night until I fall asleep.)

I am not sure what's my mood and why I like to listen to them so much for a couple of days now (maybe weeks) but maybe because of my "running routine". I can't go out and run without any music on. 

Thanks for dropping by! ;)



Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Instagram x Past Tense x One

- After my evening run in our hometown up north of Cebu.
- Baked Lasagna in Nano's Pizza Station (with my two close friends)

- My Sister-in-Law's shake station in our hometown
- My newly DIY painted mirror frame (im gonna make a new post for this soon!)

- Emily Layla Lovaine !!! on Nylon magazine (I have been waiting to get this issue with her in it)
- New Year's Eve 2013, at home, celebrating it with Pop and Mama

- with my 2 good (brilliant) friends
- Hannah Wakefield on MINC Magazine on their first issue (January 2013)

- overused footwear for 2012
- the women (with my Mum and two Aunts) ;)

- Flipping thru Nylon magazine with Arroz Caldo at Pinoy Kubo Merienda in SM (my fave place for hungover days)
- 2 NYLON Magazinessssssssssssss! :D

- with my HS bestie (you might wanna check her cool blog here and French friends at the Distillery
- Blue skies, a view from our room

- I was in Crown Regency Hotel, done checking in my French friends ;)
- a snapshot of one of my fave Vans kicks :) - on the way to the airport to pick up friends

Boredom = Wristband-making (and lost it after jumping off the cab)

Just got home from getting some personal stuff in a nearby mall and thought about posting my IG photos lately. I got this idea from Claire's blog since I turned my IG account into private.
Thanks for dropping by! 



Saturday, January 5, 2013

what i wore x cold tropical hometown

Poster Effect (Canon A2300)

Friday night was supposedly a gig night with myself. But the v-hire ride to the city made me think twice. I love to be here in my hometown for some good reasons. I love that I can just stay at home and help my Papa with his store and get to do my running routine in our nearby park. Ahnne, my not-so-long-time friend here up north, was up to going out for a chit-chat. I had to change from my running outfit since I was just done when she txted me and I had to put up the tent for a sleepover with my cute niece.

Christmas or New Year sparkle is still in the air within our little progress-deprived (other issues) town. And it was still nice to see some Christmassy lights around giving some bright tone in our streets. We took a short stroll in the park and had some snapshots of ourselves.  We ended up eating in a pancit canton place just around the corner of our neighborhood. I have been productive and having a knack on doing something lately (NY goals) so a night with a cold breeze from the seawall and some cute yellow lights were uplifting my dreamy mood and it also felt relaxing.

Went home and read a lot of blog posts from different bloggers for keeps. Slept in a tent (inside my bedroom) beside my niece. 

Happy Saturday! :)

outfits details :
floppy hat = f21
top = cosmos blues
shorts = AE
slippers = sandugo
bag = volcom
necklace = call it spring
big bangle = broadway gems