Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Instagram x Past Tense x One

- After my evening run in our hometown up north of Cebu.
- Baked Lasagna in Nano's Pizza Station (with my two close friends)

- My Sister-in-Law's shake station in our hometown
- My newly DIY painted mirror frame (im gonna make a new post for this soon!)

- Emily Layla Lovaine !!! on Nylon magazine (I have been waiting to get this issue with her in it)
- New Year's Eve 2013, at home, celebrating it with Pop and Mama

- with my 2 good (brilliant) friends
- Hannah Wakefield on MINC Magazine on their first issue (January 2013)

- overused footwear for 2012
- the women (with my Mum and two Aunts) ;)

- Flipping thru Nylon magazine with Arroz Caldo at Pinoy Kubo Merienda in SM (my fave place for hungover days)
- 2 NYLON Magazinessssssssssssss! :D

- with my HS bestie (you might wanna check her cool blog here and French friends at the Distillery
- Blue skies, a view from our room

- I was in Crown Regency Hotel, done checking in my French friends ;)
- a snapshot of one of my fave Vans kicks :) - on the way to the airport to pick up friends

Boredom = Wristband-making (and lost it after jumping off the cab)

Just got home from getting some personal stuff in a nearby mall and thought about posting my IG photos lately. I got this idea from Claire's blog since I turned my IG account into private.
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  1. Boredom = Wristband-making (and lost it after jumping off the cab) ---cracks me up bigtime! you lost it..hehe.. and why would you jump off a cab? =p , IG life has been treating you pretty well. <3

    1. Gurl! I always do that, start one, lose one. :( I misplace it or something. But yeah, I think the proper one's jumping out not off...haha, na used to with driving or riding a motorbike. Like, jump off! hahaha...good night. I'm so tired now.. T_T Loves and thanks!

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  3. omg that Lasagna looks sooooo goood right now...
    I need to make that tomorrow