Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's Get Girly ... Products

Yes, I strut like a tomboy. Can go barefoot on the sands. Drink like a pro. Go out without combing my hair - BUT I also love girly girl products. I have been hoarding on beauty stuff which of course, I can afford, for poverty's sake, but this is prolly the time again that I'm gonna post some of my new ones and show 'em to you. 

Truly, when you're an island girl, in the tropics, and literally stays in a far-from-the-cityshore land, you couldn't find any single make-up store to drool over. And from a trip that somehow emptied my pocket (even though I got a free ticket from my dear French friends, much thanks guys), I was still able to have a quick buy when I did a stroll in SM days after the crazy-island-love.

1. the whole bunch of  paints for the face
2. Maybelline, Eyeshadow
3. elf concealer, elf eyelid primer, Ever Bilena eye concealer
4. L.A. Colors Lip Shimmer (Diamond Shine), L.A. Colors Lipstick
5. e.l.f Corrective Concealer, Fanny Serrano BB Cream in Oriental
6. Maybelline Mascara, The Falsies
7. L.A. Colors Concealer, e.l.f Eyelid Primer, Ever Bilena Advance (Smooth Formula) Eye Concealer
8. For Hair: ahglow Keratin Reconstructing Conditioner - I have been using this since last January 2011. My friend advised me to use this product after I had my locks rebonded (for such a horrible reason because I love to get into the water that much) and the seawater makes your hair sick as hell. But this one cared for mine for months that I have been religiously using with the "everyday" surfing. I highly recommend this to everyone as this costs  so cheap for a big bottle to consume in a long time. This is what most of the local salons use for "treatments" here in Cebu. Now, go to any Metro Gaisano branch and pick one as they always run out of stock. 
9. Pantene, Total Damage Care, Watsons - To pair with my weekly routine hair care (still a sicko until now),  I am using this one to add up some moisture onto my roots up to its tips. 

These are good and affordable products. Very budget-friendly, easy to get and the result is as awesome asnother expensive cosmetics. AND always check the manufacturing date, no matter how pricey they can be. ;) 




  1. Haha we're somehow the same, there are times that I like to wear something that is comfy but I will look like a tomboy but I don't care. haha! You look very beautiful and I love the eyeshadows! <3

    NEW POST UP: Blog Updates, Life Updates and New year's resolutions/goals


    1. Thanks Shahara! I really do act and swift in a boy's way. But I can't help but love the palettes and stuff alike. Make-up is love. Hehe. You are right, we shouldn't care. :) As long as we are comfortable! ;) Happy New Year! xx

  2. You have some really great products here. Just found your blog and really like it. Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thank you so much. Some are local products from where I am from but they are quite good and not too pricey. I really appreciate you dropping by here. Happy new year! :)

  3. That elf concealer palette looks like NARS packaging! I really have come to love elf as much as I was sketched out by how cheap their products were at first. I'll have to check it out! Falsies is my go to mascara of all time!


    1. It really does look like. I was a bit broke from a trip so I had to look for some cheaper ones but still good to use as I have seen a review about that corrective concealer in elf. I was pretty sketchy too with their price but I think elf is great. And the Falsies really makes my lashes long (im super Asian, seems like i dont have lashes). Thanks for dropping by! xx

  4. Ive heard great raves about the ELF eyelid primer so Iva always been curious about it :) Grabe it's always out of stock in SM!!

    New follower here, Aurora :)
    The Misty Mom

    1. Hello Sharina! Thanks, first, for dropping by here. I really think I love this elf e-primer. Good thing when I was at SM (here in Cebu), there were like two or three pieces left. And, it's a lot affordable for daily use. ;) Happy new year!

      x Aurora