Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Strings Beneath Me

green moonleaf and clashing stones
trunk o' tree in fire bones
love thy kneel in trust it dies
floats in bluey but midnight skies

i dreamt a heaven of seas and shores
winding moment of painful force
for passion like to get back
follow a dream, yours, a fact

Shhh, lies, truth be told
life ain't easy when it is sold
sunny drinks and spirits rise
gas burning in throat desires

animal heart, a fox consumes
a flesh in despair of sands and dunes
ocean rooted in my brains
runs in my blood, runs in my veins

endure the fly, i must foresee
what we crave, what we agree
things in doing, processes itself
a creative mix grumbling in deep felt



(All photos are taken by me.)


  1. It rhymes!hehe... you still got it, Gurl! Mr. Vilbar ( our English prof turned principal ) would have been proud.

  2. Gurl! Thanks for that. For years, I think, I have been making poems out of the blue, in a few minutes. And I could remember Mr. Vilbar jud, especially the Haiku thing! :)

  3. That poem is amazing, that's what it is. Love it, I even read it two times :)! And great captures, I love the second one.
    Thanks for your nice comment, it sure means a lot :). Happy and blissful New Year to you too, let's make it the best one so far :).


    1. Thanks Gita. I really appreciate it - for reading the poem twice. Means much! And I couldn't stop taking photos of my island trips with the coconut trees and all. I love your posts too, I'd wait for your next one! We're gonna rock and roll 2013! :)