Sunday, January 13, 2013

what i wore x work with the crew

I recently got hired for a job as a make-up artist for a photo studio though I must admit that I am not a professional one, but I am still so glad to have this opportunity in my lifetime. I was endorsed by my sorority sister, Rosell, who is the assistant photographer of the studio to be interviewed for the said position. And talking about the outfit, this is what I wore during my first day of work. As you can see, I am very addicted with this jacket. I have been wearing this for a million times and I can't stop it! :)

outfit details:
denim jacket = thrifted
blue dress = f21
sneakers = vans

Photo Credits : Rosell Pareja and John Ong




  1. too cute! my kilay next time I'm in town? =)

    1. Gurl! :) Thanks! You're too good nuh kaha! ;)

  2. aww congrats! sounds like lots of fun :) you look so pretty & cool in your outfit too! x

    1. Thanks Claire! I am really having fun now with my current job! ;) Tho it gets busier and busier each day, it doesn't feel like work! ;)