Saturday, February 9, 2013

Poem : Pre-Valentine's

Black Nails
by Rotten Nuke

I secretly say to myself indeed, Hello.
The world, hello?
Forget the trail, it was not.
The path it lead me to lie.
Lied to the shadow beneath the wall.
Mine, I cried.

Run, I must, I could not fathom.
Do you feel how it feels?
I know you feel it.
Do you scare my feelings?
You remember me at once.
Did you say I didn't forget?
You thought about me.
Was the trip back home good?
It was. It was.

It should vanish.
In no time, it will perish.
It should vanish.
It stabs my wish.

Walked, away from you. I did it.
Stalking is delightful. Did you?
Did you stalk me?
I stalked you, to keep you warm.
To keep you always loving.
Did you think I will forget you?
Where am I going to?
To forget you.

It should tarnish.
In no time, I will cripple down.
It should lavish.
Your love, I should have known.
I do not even know who you are.
Writing this to you.
Who are you?

There has been going through a lot in my life lately but the best thing about it, it made me so happy.
I have to post a lot of stuff! Work has come its way. But I love it.



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