Saturday, March 23, 2013

Instagram x Past Tense x Two

 I got inked last February 14, 2013 with my bestfriend and roomie. These two each represents my father's name on the left while on the other side's my mother's. 

- a photo taken in the ladies' room in our workplace done with our make-up, with my sorority sis :)
- Me, the typical pose for lunchbreak wearing my fave Vans shirt and DC kicks

- both photos were taken with my sorority sister, playing with the cam and done with our braided hair :)

- set for my make-up sesh at work
- a photo of distressed me when my niece was hospitalized due to bronchitis :(

- a photo of my niece with my Mum in the hospital where she got her new stuffed toy (the baby version of mine)
- a photo of me in our bedroom resulted from boredom

- a photo taken during lunchbreak at work of my sorority sister / workmate :)
- taken at Topshop store in Ayala with the bff

- a photoshoot in-between work near our studio, taken by the great photog, 
- the first book I have read for 2013

- our photographer at the studio 
- my dirty left hand for work

- new color :) 
- has been my lunch buddy :) Nestle Milk :D

- silly me with Olivia Wilde
- with my 2 sorority sisters in our place

- at the photo studio, photo I took of my workmates
- tiny tired feet, elevating legs during break

- workmates :)
- selfie me in the ladies' room

-second book to read by Haruki Murakami
- started to love using faux lashes :) and my new pink nail polish!

Will post its captions later. ;)




nostalgia x Siargao Surf

It's summer time, and I must admit that I really miss surfing so much. I picked up a friend from the airport and he's gone back to Siargao now. He and his girlfriend (who's also my friend) was on a surf trip in Indonesia and I was so excited to listen to his stories about it.  Now, my mind's drifted away to surfing and how I missed it a lot. 

It has been three months now to be away from the waves and I am still so eager to learn more and paddle hard out there. In no time, I will be back. 

Time will heal what to be healed. And all  I could think of right now is the sense of feeling the ocean around me. 

These photos were all taken in Siargao Island, Philippines.

Happy Summer to all! 



Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love Yourself First

Even though you think you don't know yourself that deep, find it within. 
Before loving others, know and love thyself first. 

Good night to me. 



Sunday, March 17, 2013

Summer Sprinkle (jumpstart)

Summer's gonna start so soon! 

Got so preoccupied with work but Sundays are best spent with the fam. :)

Summer 2013 has finally started...and it's really nice to spend it with the fam, first. :)

woohoooo! I so love the sun, the sea, the blue skies, coolers and the tan!