Saturday, March 23, 2013

Instagram x Past Tense x Two

 I got inked last February 14, 2013 with my bestfriend and roomie. These two each represents my father's name on the left while on the other side's my mother's. 

- a photo taken in the ladies' room in our workplace done with our make-up, with my sorority sis :)
- Me, the typical pose for lunchbreak wearing my fave Vans shirt and DC kicks

- both photos were taken with my sorority sister, playing with the cam and done with our braided hair :)

- set for my make-up sesh at work
- a photo of distressed me when my niece was hospitalized due to bronchitis :(

- a photo of my niece with my Mum in the hospital where she got her new stuffed toy (the baby version of mine)
- a photo of me in our bedroom resulted from boredom

- a photo taken during lunchbreak at work of my sorority sister / workmate :)
- taken at Topshop store in Ayala with the bff

- a photoshoot in-between work near our studio, taken by the great photog, 
- the first book I have read for 2013

- our photographer at the studio 
- my dirty left hand for work

- new color :) 
- has been my lunch buddy :) Nestle Milk :D

- silly me with Olivia Wilde
- with my 2 sorority sisters in our place

- at the photo studio, photo I took of my workmates
- tiny tired feet, elevating legs during break

- workmates :)
- selfie me in the ladies' room

-second book to read by Haruki Murakami
- started to love using faux lashes :) and my new pink nail polish!

Will post its captions later. ;)




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