Saturday, March 23, 2013

nostalgia x Siargao Surf

It's summer time, and I must admit that I really miss surfing so much. I picked up a friend from the airport and he's gone back to Siargao now. He and his girlfriend (who's also my friend) was on a surf trip in Indonesia and I was so excited to listen to his stories about it.  Now, my mind's drifted away to surfing and how I missed it a lot. 

It has been three months now to be away from the waves and I am still so eager to learn more and paddle hard out there. In no time, I will be back. 

Time will heal what to be healed. And all  I could think of right now is the sense of feeling the ocean around me. 

These photos were all taken in Siargao Island, Philippines.

Happy Summer to all! 



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