Friday, May 10, 2013

Poem x Innocent Blue

Time is beautifully tragic, in its best ways,
Of life in the middle, a woman stays,
Sun's glare is shining, moonlight is above,
Forbidden or not, distance is hate and love.

Nothing to compare of sweetness it takes,
A fine young deer, nothing it fakes,
Blue clear cystals, shore its eyes,
Blonde in sleek cut, crying for its smiles.

Heart couldn't desire, the possibility,
Of likeliness it brings, its vulnerability,
Doesn't have to wait, she knew cannot dare,
To lose a man it turned from a golden-sea stare.

Not in a wildest sense, he heard and knew,
She better get off, like a bird it flew,
In moments to share, happy things on Earth,
Got twisted, she churned, she saw him first.

A woman in confusion, a knowledge to conquer,
A sweet escape, to give space and ponder,
In night when dreams afloat, she awakes,
Of man, she adores, but it's all in the Fates.

(I woke up earlier this morning because the roomie told me, no agas! And figuring some things out even though I already knew the answer, silly. Wrote this poem for 10 minutes, expressing some thoughts and feelings. Damn. Hugs!) 



Photo taken by : Me
Location : Mountainside, Lahug

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Trip x Bohol (Chocolate Hills + Prony)

Sunrise in Bohol, my feet on the ferry stairs (Mint Green, F21), empty swimming pool of my Aunt's place

Mama, with her  60s-era hat, her real generation
Looks like I didn't feel being tired! Straight from work, baby!

The Man-made Forest on the way back to Tagbilaran from the Chocolate Hills

Must-try homemade chocolate+mango ice cream at Prony's site (Snackbar owned by a German guy) PHP40

Prony Burger, yummy for PHP100 only. ;)

Prony, changing skin

Loboc River in the afternoon

Quick beach essentials : my new Diane von Fursternberg ( DVFlovesRoxy ) bikini pair, Rip Curl hat and flip-flops, vintage-inspired rings (gift from my French friend Marion and Bazaar finds)

Family (Top Left: With Mama, with my brother ; Bottom Left to Right: my nephew and niece, my Uncle and Mama)

Straight from work, out around early in the evening, took a cab headed to the Pier. The family was waiting for me, we were Bohol-bound. I couldn't say anything other than, I am frekken excited! Bohol has been one of my top easy-to-go-destination after a long week of work or even before when I still had to go to uni. 

I am not sure how many times I have been here, countless for sure. My niece is 4 years old now and it's the best time to show her around Bohol, especially, Chocolate Hills. Every kid wonders about it. How it looks like and does it even taste sweet? LOL 

Anyhoo, back when I was younger like 8 years old, I really thought it was real choco-coated hills. My childhood development wasn't as quick as Tom and Jerry playing hide-and-seek. And now, back to see those cute little protruding granite-formed cups (perhaps), always make feel so thankful to have seen such. Though, at first, I was just really itching to go to the beach. Happy enough that our little girl in the family was able to see 'em. ;)

Back in Cebu now.