Sunday, July 28, 2013


In black, in motion, in desperation for the sea. It's a matter of choice, a matter of discussion between my soul and my brain and my poverty within. I have clouded my mind with the best stars, strawberries and crowned sun. I am pleased being dark, tanned and the likelihood of being golden, glittered with amusement from Mr. Sun. Being sick has a reason to make one blog post. 

Shoot done within my working area one lazy day last week in Cebu City.

Outfit Deets :
Black Dress - f21
Sneaks - Vans

playing vinyl 20 original everlasting oldies, side b, track 10 - a groovy kind of love by the mindbenders



Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vinyls : Side 1

I grew up with a huge influence on music from my father and my brother (we have a 9-year gap as siblings). Lately, I scored a portable long record player from a high school friend. My father's vintage one was already broken to play his vinyl collection and been thinking to get one for him as a birthday gift. Was so ecstatic to try it last week. These photos were taken days ago in my hometown and want to share it with you guys.

As I am about to post this, I am listening to Woodstock, Side 1, Track 3, Freedom by Richie Havens with all the voices of the those hippies and the like on the ground, feeling the love of the sixties. I wish I was born in their era. 

Been through a lot lately, music heals.