Sunday, November 1, 2009

Off to SiargaO!

I love to travel but I'm always broke. Hehe. Last stop? We went to Siargao Island. One of the surfing spots here in the PI. Last time we were there was in the year 2005. Fast forward 2009...lots of things have changed - except for the people. Lol.

Tessa...Tweng. lol.

4 days, 4 nights .. (Last week of October '09)
silentstreets.dogs.hitchride.bikinis.tanlines.waaaaaaaa!so much to say but i always ran out of words if too stoked or something.


Heavvvyyy libak... lol
Post-paddle sesSion with my Tzobz.. =)
@ HiPpie's Surf Shop!

The place was sooo cool. I even forgot my problems instantly. But I really missed my Cornball foreal. Too bad, couldn't get a signal with my network there. Everyday life's a beach. Memories have been playing on my head. The sound of the waves. The every night tagays and parties! Waaaaa! Wish all of you were there with us! Prolly sooooon! mwaah! ;)

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