Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vans on my wall! \m/

I slept around 5am today. It's raining still. My tummy hurt so much. Done with something I was working on. I woke up mid-afternoon with Tessa, typically reading her book. My head's spinning like vinyl playing on my dad's turntable. My phone's battery was empty. Dunno who called me up or msgd me.

My Cornball did message me. He was out from class na and headed home to pack his stuff for the holiday.

Anyways...everyone's calling me Cornball now with all my FB posts... lol. Yeah. So uhmm...a part of our room that makes us sleep well.

When these things surround you while sleeping, you don't want to get up. Feels like home always. The only place I want to stay atm.

And in a while, my sis-in-law called me up. My brother's coming home tomorrow at around 3pm. Weeeeee! And he's got a surprise for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaa! Can't wait for tom!

Gotta do something now and gonna have shower afterward. xOxO. Laterrrr.


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