Tuesday, March 20, 2012

INSPIRATION: Summer Dresses

March is ending soon and everyone’s excited for summer in the tropics. There are lots of awesome things to do for the best time of the year. For the beautiful lasses, it’s the perfect season to shop for dresses for any beach trips, planned short-time vacations (for working women) or just plainly strolling around towns and cities with our loved ones.

With the ever loving internet, I have fished around some pretty dresses as my inspiration for the upcoming sunny months! :)

Tropical Long Dress at Tuttie Style
Tropical Punch Dress - StyleHive (ModCloth)

Blousant Dress at Polyvore

(ooops! I lost the link!)
Beach Blanket Dress - Roxy

Watercolor Tribal Print Dress - Forever21
Moroccan Sun Dress - ModCloth

I know for a fact that there are tons of other summer dresses that are yet to be found. These ones are my top picks and hopefully I can score some. They are so lovely and would surely look so amazing on anyone of us. Enjoy your day! Loves! :)

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