Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sumatra in 2 Shades

In my every day life, there are a couple of pictures I take. I love taking shots of anything and a lot more too of myself which makes my lovepartner bothered though he likes it more if I snap some photos of our beautiful surroundings wherever we go.

This photo was taken in what we called as “Our Beach” located more than 2 km. south of Lhok Nga, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. This exact location had dealt with the tragic tsunami that hit most of the shores in Northern Sumatra, Indo and the neighboring coastlines. The 2004 Boxing Day ebb and flow also took thousands of lives which has been a traumatic experience to the people living those towns in Aceh.

As clear as a glass, the long-stretched coastline could never be thought what it saw during that day. Its serenity still engulfs me now as I lay down here in our hotel bed and makes me miss the solidarity that comes with it. An old place where new trees grow, animals stroll and reunited families bond to pass through the hard times they didn’t expect to come years ago, is worth to pay a visit. 

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