Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Inspiration: KIME BUZZELLI (90210 Costume Designer)

In our lives, we are driven by passion and source of inspirations around us. And since I have been a fan of the tv series 90210, I've been curious on who's the wardrobe designer for the hit program. My taste for style would come up from my very dear style icons like MK & A, Gillian Zinser, Janis Joplin, to name a few. I don't want to say "too much obsession" is here but I definitely praise on how each of 90210's characters define their own existence with the outfits they wear.

KIME BUZZELLI is the name. She's the humble genius behind all the dramas that covers Ivy's Boho-look to Naomi's high-end mood. I totally love everything in the set because of Kime. My knowledge about her would have to start a few days ago, I must say. But for an artist by heart, a stylist carved on her palms and a painter that speaks her soul, everyone would love her, including John Lennon. She truly inspires me from brains to heels! :)

Buzzelli was born in Ohio. She spreads her love in California, up in the place where sun, desert and bliss collide. Her childhood interests must define what she does right now. As she stated in her blog, "When I was little I liked to write plays and puppet shows, creating all the different characters. I would daydream about the beautiful dresses I wanted to clothe my fantasy characters in. I then learned I could paint the clothes I would never actually touch. The things I daydream are still the same... floating feminine fantasies, x-ray vision, magazine pages freeze-framed, tea parties, voyeurism, stolen words from overheard conversations, tear-drop Lolitas,ghosts, decomposing wallpaper flowers, merging fiction and reality, the eyes of vacant models, and the murmur of tiny stuffed animal clusters." It is what she is. 

at 90210 costume department

I can't wait for the next season this September! :)

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