Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Catching up with Lara

Yesterday was a very hot hot hot hottttt day here in Cebu. I was looking for work. Submitting my CV to different companies was my top mission and getting a call for an interview. I am positive that soon, I will land a job that could pay me well and can sustain my daily living, able to save and of course, to do a shopping spree most of the time!

But going back to how my day went, I called my friend Lara Loureen if she was keen to meet up with me and have a dinner together. A couple of hours later, we met in the mall and thought about which restaurant to head to. We were so hungry and so happy that we can realllllly eat soon.

Burp. :)

> Window shopping - loved the MAC # ____ lipstick for her
> Most of the time, I was taking a peek on her Balenciaga bag in Gold and Cream. Envy! Envy! Hehe!
> We promised to do some make-up shopping together soon! (When I can score a job...Haha!)

Here are our photos post-dinner:

At the end of a busy day at work, home or in your own fantasy world, it's always nice to catch up with your girls. ;) Good night!

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