Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Summer of Love: The Hippie Side of You

One of the most rewarding accomplishments in life is to work or study hard then get a long break for summer. It's the time of the year to feel free from anything - school, work and rains. It's also the moment that you can dress up with anything you like to to embrace the sunny breeze and late-afternoon purple skies. Everyone wants to escape from the mind-working things to do for the hottest days of the long twelve months. But, everyone also wants to get a whole look in boheme vibe to create that loose feeling, full of love, cheerful heart and serene mind.

Inspired by the 1960s movement, flowers play a big part in making a harmonious relationship from reaching one another to learning what you love deep inside. Be laid-back. Breathe deeply. Be thankful for another wonderful day to live. And let your beauty shine within not only in April and May because it's the spirit of being a flower child mixed with bohemian kind of life and the mystical adventures of a gypsy baby.

My generation and the younger ones may not have lived the real hippie times but that decade made an impact to all of us not only to fashion, style, music and art but also to grip on what's love, peace and happiness. Try on now your stylish boho look and spread the words! Have a trippy-happy summer day! :)

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