Saturday, June 16, 2012

In my Cart: Brown Hippie Backpack and Black Fringe Boots

Today was a very busy day for me. "Friday, I'm in love!", I say. The only highlight though would be the shopping spree (for two items only). This scenario happened not only twice but umpteen times. It goes this way... You are walking fast, almost running. You don't have a car and you gotta do the shortcut route and make a deal with the traffic jam plus commute. And suddenly, your eye caught something very familiar yet unusual.  It's a brown bag, not surprising because you dig stuff like that. You look at your watch but you tell yourself, I'll just ask how much it costs. And boom! It's so cheap! But oh well, you always have the art of haggling. And the seller gave up because you're so artistic, you carved your own way to enthuse her that NO ONE WILL EVER BUY IT BUT YOU! Happily, you walked your way out and tuned back to your attention - "APPOINTMENT, here I come." Oh my...there's another store. Everyone's at work, must be, because you're alone in the fantasy land - where boots, bags, clothes are bargained as you thrift around.

 Saved for your pocket, your fortunate tiny feet only fit with the pair of black fringe boots. Sus! So perfect! I can't wait to pair them with any outfits I could make use of for the next few days.

And to cut it off though, the brown hippie-ish knapsack bag and the almost knee-length booties only cost me PHP150 (Philippine Peso) or around $4 (USD).

That's how I thrift. ;)

I can't wait to see yours too! XX


  1. I so love your bag and the boots :) loving thriftshops so much :>>


    1. thanks roxy! <3 i've been "thrifting" since few years since we gotta re-use it.. :) and i love 'em too cuz it didn't cost me that much!

      will check your blog again Rox! XX

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    1. Thank you so much! Will do it definitely! :) <3 I appreciate your visit here on my site. :D